2013. People’s Choice Award, Chattacon. The Mothman Cometh…

2013. 1st Place Science Fiction, Chattacon. Potential.


2012. Best in Show, LibertyCon. The Promise of Creation.

2012. Best Wheel of Time artwork, JordanCon. The Prince of Ravens.


2011. Best Black & White, GenCon. Nightmare.

2011. Best in Show: Kid’s Choice, LibertyCon. Technorganic.

2011. Best Monochrome, Conglomeration. Zen.

2011. 2nd Place Science Fiction, Chattacon. Zen.

2011. People’s Choice, Chattacon. Zen.


2010. Best in Show, LibertyCon. Counter This!

2010. Best Fantasy, Conglomeration. Counter This!

2010. People’s Choice, Chattacon. Counter This!


2009. 1st Place Science Fiction, Chattacon. Critical!


2008. 23rd Annual Chesley Award Nomination, Best Color Unpublished. It’s ALIVE.

2008. Most Humorous, Dragon*Con. Martini!

2008. Best Monochrome, Conglomeration. Critical!


2007. 22nd Annual Chesley Award Nomination, Best Gaming Related Illustrations. Nominated with Michael Bielaczyc. Dragonlance, Knightly Orders of Ansalon.

2007. Best Fantasy, Conglomeration. Siren of the Sylvan Grove.

2007. 3rd Place Fantasy, Chattacon. Siren of the Sylvan Grove.

2007. 1st Place Fantasy, Chattacon. Penultimate Fantasy.

2007. 2nd Place Science Fiction, Chattacon. Celtic Mobius.


2006. 21st Annual Chesley Award – Best Monochrome Unpublished. Nightmare.

2006. Best Action, Masters of Fantasy, Volume 3. Nightmare.


2005. 1st Place Amateur, Dragon*Con. Nightmare.

2005. Best 2-D, Dragon*Con. Nightmare.

2005. Best Monochrome, Conglomeration. Birth.

2005. 1st Place Professional, MidSouthCon. Nightmare.

2005. 1st Place Amateur, Chattacon. Ominous Night.

2005. 2nd Place Professional, Chattacon. Nightmare.

2005. People’s Choice Award, Chattacon. Nightmare.


2004. 1st Place Amateur, MidSouthCon. Ominous Night.

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